Apple Watch Band Handcrafted " Neon" Padded Leather

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Our classic "Neon Padded Leather" is tanned in italy and made of lambskin, suitable for leather jackets, supported with an additional layer of leather to endure. This band is stylish as it is soft and funky.

It is compatible with all "APPLE WATCH SERIES" available with stainless steel hardware in Black, Silver, Gold, Rose-Gold selections in the sizes of 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm.

It fits a wrist size of around 5.9in (16cm) to 8.6in (22cm).

The band/strap consists of two sides; long side: 4.5" and short side: 3.5".


We recommend using any neutral hand cream applied with a soft clean cloth. With this minimal care, your leather apple watch band/strap will provide long-lasting use.