Most standard shipments are sent through USPS, but is handed off to your local mail carrier once it arrives in the destination country.

Orders typically take 7-21 business days to reach international destinations, but can sometimes take as long as 4-6 weeks for some destinations. It ultimately depends on where you live and what you've ordered...we wish we could give better specifics that that, but due to the complexities of international shipping we cannot. Orders require +1 day to process.


We do not offer an expedited service internationally right now, due to the extremely high cost.


Some countries apply duties or VAT on shipments received from the United States. You are responsible for any such extra taxes or fees your government applies to get the package delivered. Nomad will do the best we can to provide the best international shipping experience possible, but much of the process is out of our control, and is in the control of your countries' officials and mail systems.

For easier delivery, consider ordering from your country.